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File templates - the easy road to fame

Each image is automatically scaled to the required dimensions of the different Designs For A Change. You can upload files in every format but if you’d like to make sure what your finished design will look like, best use our templates.

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Once you’ve registered, you can start uploading your artwork immediately. The more detailed you describe your artwork, the better it can be found by the community. You can then buy or promote your own design in order to earn cash more quickly.

Bucks, Dough, Cash – you’re quids in!

You’ll receive a 10% commission whenever we sell one of your designs. The commission is always tied to the value of the respective Design For A Change, even when it’s being sold in a Starter Kit, e.g. with a belt. You can invest your hard-earned cash in wild & wonderful stuff – just redeem your credits in our shop.

Raise our profile and earn credits quicker all in one go!

  1. Link any artwork of yours at Behance or Deviant Art with your Wechselwild design.
  2. Blog about us and post a link to your profile.

Our Top Artists

Top Artists are featured in a variety of special ways, which helps them earn credits quicker and also earns them loads of kudos along the way. For example, they might be featured on our blog, on our homepage and/or in a separate members’ gallery.

This way, you’re guaranteed to grab some extra attention!
We’re all about personality! That’s why we’ll only feature Artists who have uploaded a profile picture in which they’re clearly recognisable.